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factors affecting the development of new energy vehicles
source:china's auto energy saving and environmental protection network author: date:6,10,2012

new energy vehicles is so important, because it is not only related to the future status of each car prices, but also the industrial development of the country as a whole. but how far? is undoubtedly the new energy technology, the cost of supporting facilities, investment size, and consumer acceptance of multiple tests.
the prospect of unpredictable scale of investment to make enterprise headache
2009 shanghai auto show, the new energy vehicles to decline to one of the protagonists.
peugeot rc hybrid concept car to bring; gm launched the extended-range electric car volt and the upcoming production of the hybrid escalade; honda launched the new new energy vehicles insight. coupled with its own brand of chery ruiqi, the great wall euler, shanghai brand fuel cell vehicles, and other various car brands have spared no effort committed to the development of new energy vehicles.
as oil and other non-renewable energy alternatives, the importance of new energy needless to say, but as the prospects for the development of a new industry, new energy is not clear. japanese production of electric vehicle technology leading to china marketing director shen li told reporters, held on april 10 this year, "2009 china's electric vehicle industry development of the international forum, nissan has signed two agreements with the ministry of industry and wuhan city , including the ministry of industry to develop, including charging network construction and maintenance, and promote the comprehensive planning of large-scale use of electric vehicles.
shen li told reporters the memorandum is in the research phase, "only after the early and thorough investigation in order to develop follow-up to the implementation of planning. "nissan has the experience of more than 20 cities in the global promotion of new energy, but the domestic energy market prospects, and no one elusive".
unpredictable market prospects, the size of the investment in new energy industry is the most direct. the new energy is different from the traditional automotive industry and the need for new industrial chain, in many ways, the investment required is huge. not understand the premise of return on investment, how to determine the size of the investment is now time for the auto companies a headache.
supporting facilities to restrict the popularizing of the electric car
new energy vehicles, especially the development of electric vehicles and the popularity of related facilities. electric vehicles, supporting infrastructure, including network of charging stations, vehicle maintenance service network, various forms of battery marketing and service network.
shen li told reporters that the electric car technology is not a problem, the possibility of establishing ancillary facilities is the key. according to reports, at least in a city to build a dozen to dozens of public charging stations, in order to meet the needs of the urban area, taxi, private cars, commercial vehicle fast charge. according to byd auto sales co., ltd. spokesman wang jun, the byd f3dm dual-mode electric car already on the market, there has been no public sale, but also because taking into account the end-user ease of use problem. established within the car park and residential charging equipment, use of electric vehicles will not be a problem, and infrastructure equipment requires planning and huge investment.
insiders said the national grid has made clear that support to accelerate the electric car charging station construction in shanghai, beijing, tianjin and other large cities. but to large-scale construction of a nationwide electric car charging station network, we still need the approval of the national development and reform commission and other government departments.
still in concept stage of new energy vehicles in consumer attitudes
there is no doubt the new energy contribution to environmental protection. however, to become a mass consumption, the price of new energy vehicles, performance, cost, and is convenient, no doubt is the people most concerned about the problem.
from the toyota prius, general lacrosse hybrid already on the market, look at the market sales of the three cars of the east of the civic hybrid, currently in the brand sales account for only a small percentage, even negligible in some areas . xiao yang, shaanxi huaxing, shanghai gm buick marketing manager, told reporters that the new lacrosse hybrid version of the discount is only equivalent to the price of the ordinary lacrosse maximum configuration, but it can reduce 15% of fuel consumption. from the economic point of view, the use of cost but lower. the new lacrosse price for this level of consumers should be fully acceptable, but consumers rarely consider the new energy vehicles, the main problem is understanding the new energy.
shen li, said that for most consumers, the new energy is still stuck in the concept car stage, in fact, many brands of hybrid electric vehicle technology is more mature. the cost of supporting facilities, if consumers can deepen the understanding of the new energy, happy to use the new energy is undoubtedly a great promotion of the development of new energy vehicles in the country.