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been set up in the future geometry of new energy automotive industry alliance
source:china's auto energy saving and environmental protection network author: date:6,10,2012

june 2, fish head jiangbei district, chongqing industrial park, chongqing, energy-saving and new energy automotive industry alliance was set up. prior to this, china's first new energy automotive industry alliance - led by baic beijing new energy automotive industry alliance was in march 13 was officially established. behind the two alliances, changchun, wuhan and shenzhen, the new energy automotive industry alliances, in contrast, accompanied by the continuous introduction of new energy-related preferential policies, the intent of the major new energy automotive industry alliance between staking has become increasingly evident .
new alliance: scrambling to form
as the introduction of the policy in beijing in this business of course, sunny flowers is easy for the spring, and often have the atmosphere of the first. as early as 1985, china's first auto joint venture, beijing jeep was born here, and the establishment of the union of the new energy automotive industry is also the beijing head start. march 13 to establish an industrial union, is co-sponsored by the baic, beijing public transport group, beijing polytechnic university and other units, a number of institutions in the united states eaton, citic guoan mgl, zf transmission companies, as well as tsinghua university, fudan university, tongji the league's governing units.
although he could not grab the top spot, but chongqing's footsteps is not slow. miao wei, vice minister of the ministry of industry, chongqing vice mayor huang qifan and changan auto chairman xu liuping attend, would no doubt make the specifications of the inaugural ceremony of chongqing city, the new energy automotive industry alliance to improve a lot. similar with beijing, this alliance is co-sponsored by the chang'an automobile, china automotive engineering research institute, chongqing hengtong bus units.
not just in beijing and chongqing, the strong support of government policy and funding, around the new energy and industrial union, have been ready to come out. jilin province put forward to the implementation of the new energy automobile strategy and coordination unit of faw group, jilin university, northeast normal university, the establishment of the new energy automotive industry alliance to provide key financial support for faw group's new energy automotive industry. in shenzhen, the new energy cars, byd new energy bus continental long as the core of the new energy industry chain upstream and downstream extension, including vehicle charging equipment, related to the core components and related resources, industrial base and the beginning of the current clues.
market: the scramble order is very important
around the new energy and industrial union has set up, in addition to fighting for resources and preferential policies of the local government, a very important incentive to compete for orders of new energy vehicles. and "10 city, one thousand electric vehicle demonstration project, no doubt a lot of new energy vehicles cake.
so-called "10 city, 1000" project is led by the ministry of science and technology and the ministry of finance, through the promotion of three consecutive years, 1000 new energy vehicles test run in 10 major cities in the country, thus expanding the size of the new energy automotive supply facilities .
changan new energy automobile co., ltd., deputy general manager ren yong told reporters that the competition "ten city, 1000" order had already begun. since february of this year, ten city, 1000 "science and technology sector of the city have been investigated in the country joint ventures and models, kunming, dalian and other cities have taken the initiative to contact the chang'an automobile and expressed intent to purchase. in addition to the demonstration vehicle will chongqing city, chongqing changan automobile also hope to get the order of the model city.
in addition to the 10 city, one thousand orders, new energy vehicles, the largest potential consumer base of individual consumers. however, much more expensive than conventional cars the price is undoubtedly lie in the mountains between consumers and new energy vehicles, after the country's new energy policies only subsidies group users to buy new energy vehicles. the chongqing walk in the front. ren yong said that the initial agreement with the chongqing municipal government, the government will 100 to buy jie xun hybrid cars chongqing public subsidy of 36,000 yuan, and to waive the three years the road toll (about 7000 yuan).
the pros and cons to talk about: the future of the new alliance geometry
three years ago, the science and technology minister wan gang said: for when the electric vehicles to enter people's homes is not, not consumers, but rather the country's industrial policy. "in fact, in addition to the national policy support, new energy behind the automotive industry alliance, no doubt more or less with the shadow of the local government.
example, in chongqing changan new energy automobile company holding people, 65 percent of the chang'an group holdings, a subsidiary of the chongqing municipal science companies accounted for 35% of the shares. alliance ceremony on june 2, executive vice mayor of chongqing municipality anticipation is also said to support the new energy automotive industry development flagship of changan automobile, chongqing will be allocated one billion yuan of financial funds for the enterprise into the base provide capital grants to give a series of policy support, and land, taxation, logistics, new energy vehicle demonstration runs.
researcher at the china economic weekly, said zhang zhiyong, senior analyst with the automotive industry from an international point of view, new energy vehicles are entering the market can not do without government support, the auto industry is relatively weak, the start of the new energy automotive industry will undoubtedly need the government more large support. but the core issue of new energy vehicles to the market and government support can not be resolved. have been established around the new energy automotive industry alliance, no doubt with a very strong place to protect the color, which is the future of new energy vehicles in china is not a good thing.