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the hybrid is the entry point for igbt of new energy vehicles into driver core
source:china's auto energy saving and environmental protection network author: date:6,10,2012

the dual needs of energy saving and environmental protection makes the new energy vehicles to increasingly attracted the attention of the industry on a global scale, at the recent international auto show, many car companies have introduced electric and hybrid vehicles, which indicates that the new energy vehicles about to enter the real commercial phase. today, china's promotion of new energy vehicles has also entered a critical period in february of this year, the ministry of finance, the ministry of science and technology issued a "notice" on energy-saving and new energy vehicle demonstration and extension of experimental work to promote energy conservation and new energy vehicles, these the measures will promote the development of new energy vehicles. hybrid cars are the closest to the application of new energy vehicles, the development of the automobile industry has brought new changes and opportunities.
hybrid vehicles to be optimistic about
shift from traditional fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles, people also face a variety of options. on the future direction of the automotive industry, electric cars and hybrid vehicles is becoming a clear trend. "delphi packard electrical / electrical systems asia-pacific region electronic / electrical infrastructure engineering director li ming to accept the" china electronics daily "reporters, said" now, it seems technically feasible solution is a hybrid, the next step is a pure electric vehicle, and then the next step may be fuel cell vehicles, fuel cells may be the ultimate solution, but now looks like the application of hydrogen fuel is still relatively far away, so difficult to get a wide range of promotion. "
although the prospects for electric vehicles is generally optimistic, but current battery technology problems have hindered the application of pure electric vehicles, which is due to the energy density of batteries is far less than gasoline, hybrid car is a compromise choice. "we should say that hybrid vehicles is just a transitional product, hybrid vehicles still need fuel, is still not zero-emission told this reporter. the semikron commercial trade (zhuhai) co., ltd. applications manager liu yi enjoy. so-called hybrid devices is to do the combination of motor and auxiliary power unit in a car driving force of the auxiliary power unit is actually a small fuel engine or power generating units; image point that is the traditional engine try to do, so that bear part of the power from the battery - motor system.
hybrid vehicles equipped with engine and electric motors two systems at the same time, start and acceleration when the two systems require high power output at the same time to contribute; when slowing down the engine for battery charging; smooth driving by the engine to the best working conditions drive vehicles or motor drive alone; the engine off when idling. able to recover part of the braking energy, specifically designed for small internal combustion engine to a higher combustion efficiency, coupled with the control system optimization, energy efficiency from 60% -70% to 95%. brake energy recovery to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions is an important reason, the hybrid vehicle is very obvious in the frequent traffic jams, acceleration and deceleration of the city traffic fuel economy.
igbt into the drive bright spot
for semiconductor devices, the promotion of new energy vehicles has opened up new markets, especially in power devices and power modules igbt (insulated gate bipolar transistor) is the core component of the drive system. the semikron commercial trade (zhuhai) co., ltd. application manager liu yi enjoy told the "china electronics news" reporter, the traditional car is to rely on the engine, hybrid vehicles in addition to the engine other than the need motor, pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles is the only motor the battery provides direct current through the inverter is converted to ac before it can be used to drive motors, therefore, whether hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicles or fuel cell vehicles need to configure the drive of the power module. semiconductor manufacturers demand for these new energy vehicles has introduced a power device and power module, the power devices for hybrid vehicles for the igbt to meet the high-voltage, high power demand.
for the brake system, you need to consider that the braking energy into electrical energy to recharge the battery. sen min, managing director of mitsubishi electric (shanghai) co., ltd., told this reporter that the addition for the motor drive, power semiconductor devices and modules can also be used for energy recovery.
storage technology will also find their way in the field of electric vehicles. li hongjun ramtroninter-national asia-pacific region, marketing strategy manager, said in the interview with this reporter, relative to conventional fuel vehicles, electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles need to increase the electronic equipment in order to achieve better control, intelligence and security / warranty data collection, this implies the need for low power non-volatile memory, the need to ensure deterministic response, fast write, need to start real-time safety critical applications, but also almost unlimited durability in order to achieve continuous accident record. to meet these requirements, the f-ram (non-volatile ferroelectric random access memory) is the best choice.
the cost of technology are to be improved
at present, the high cost is still a bottleneck to limit the growth of the popularity of new energy vehicles. to reduce system cost, power semiconductor devices and module suppliers has also taken a variety of strategies. according to the managing director of mitsubishi electric (shanghai) co., ltd. senmin introduced, the mitsubishi electric 10 years ago and has already begun for the hybrid vehicle power semiconductor modules, mitsubishi electric will provide different clients at different stages in the development and production, products. for example, when customers just the introduction of electric vehicles, products, ordinary industrial use of igbt as a test product to the customer; in the mass production of customers' products, can provide system-specific customization of the igbt, which can effectively reduce costs.
in addition to the cost bottleneck, hybrid vehicles are technically also facing some obstacles. delphi packard electrical / electrical systems asia-pacific region electronic / electrical infrastructure engineering director li ming said in an interview with the china electronics news "reporter, the energy density of the battery system, the volume and speed of response of the motor system, as well as the efficiency of the transmission system the problem is that the three major difficulties facing the current hybrid vehicles to break through these difficult times the industry chain enterprises synergy. li ming also said that in addition to the above problems, the other one is technically obstacles in high voltage and electrical systems. conventional cars are usually 12v power system, the highest only to the 24v vehicle electrical system parts are basically in accordance with this specification development; hybrid electric vehicle requirements, voltage rating and current capacity amplitude to increase. for example, hybrid to this level, then mixed voltage requirements usually between 120v-144v, with the increase of motor power, voltage up to 288v, 360v, and even more than 500v, the future may be even higher. system like this, the application of high voltage and high current fuel car, hybrid electric vehicles require electrical system suppliers to develop some new parts.