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faw first five months of production and sales over 55,000
source:china faw author: date:6,10,2012

washington (special correspondent liu lina) car company sales in may this year a new high. as of the end of may, the company's total production cars 55571, an increase of 33.2%; to achieve sales of 57,815, an increase of 17.3%.
the car company at this stage of the production capacity conditions, 1 may, the output of more than 55,000, is the result of joint efforts of all staff. the face of new models this ramp up production capacity, equipment, technological innovation, kd resources is a serious shortage of supply of steel materials, energy exceptions, equipment failure rate higher difficulties, the car company to complete the annual 160 000, the impact enormous pressure sales target of 180,000, the company's front-line staff working overtime to overcome difficulties, the successful completion of the first five months of production tasks to meet the market demand. meanwhile, the quality assurance department has also developed a "change point" management approach, equipment change point, change point of a new product, the establishment of the management process of the change point, the effective control of product quality to ensure that the big high yield in case of product quality.
from june to august, the company ranked monthly production capacity will be over 18,000, which is facing for the first time since the founding of the car company production peak. various functional departments of the company's high-yield response to the introduction of the measures. production logistics department with the fine scheduling way, careful mobilization of resources; planning and control department actively implement the kd resource ordering; parts logistics division to track the kd resources arrival time to ensure that the supply of resources; purchasing department to solve the problem of insufficient supply of steel materials; human resources actively coordinate, increasing the number of production line staff; technical department fully organized and carried out production capacity, equipment modification and maintenance; party-system to understand the needs of employees, to tap the typical big, practical difficulties to solve the staff.
faced with high yield, the car company has made ​​adequate preparations. with the work in an orderly way and in-depth implementation of a variety of measures, the car is completed throughout the year 160,000 and even higher goals to launch an effective impact.