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faw-seventh by the corporate title of the national "health cup" contest winners
source:china faw author: date:6,10,2012

needham (reporter yin water) the afternoon of june 23, li, executive vice president of the corporation trade unions from the hands of the jilin provincial federation of trade unions labor minister jin wei received the national health cup competition winning enterprise "trophy, which is the group of companies "health cup" contest organized by the all-china federation of trade unions and the national safety production supervision and administration of the seventh won the national "winning enterprise" honorary title.
a good grasp of the source of the participation of the safety in production and process supervision for the workers physical and mental health and life safety services, the corporation held in 2008-2009, "health cup" competition awards ceremony concluded, the group emerged in the contest advanced group and individuals were cited. group vice president qin huanming and jilin province, changchun city federation of trade unions leadership attended the meeting, and awards for the winning unit and the winning team.
in 2008, the corporation trade unions and the group company production of manufacturing technology ministry "to carry out the national" health cup "competition notice" spirit, combined with the production of group companies operating principles and safety production work of the target to carry out a "people-oriented, safe development, improve the quality of promote harmony "as the theme," goes against governance risks, prevent accidents as the main line, pay close attention to safety hazards investigation and management of work, creation of an enterprise of the safety and quality standardization as a means of "ankang cup" competition.
the company owned the participating units around the overall goal of competition, to carry out various forms of effective competition activities, to enhance the enterprise management of production safety level, and improve workers' safety awareness, and emerged from a number of outstanding achievements in the competition organizers and effectiveness of the participating units. car company, the liberation, the kinetic energy company, fawer, fuwei companies, lu jie, faw - volkswagen ag, tooling company, mold company, special purpose vehicle company, faw bharat abundance more companies, nine 15 units of the hospital, a casting plant, early childhood education center has been awarded the 2008-2009 group of companies "health cup" competition "winning unit"; tian yunying 30 advanced individuals won the title of "excellent organizer".
the kinetic energy of branch trade unions, casting company casting a plant ash melting shop eight tons of medium frequency induction furnace ban introduced its insights and experience to participate in the contest.
conference wished to redouble their efforts to obtain the honor of units and individuals; other participating units of study to the winning unit, adhere to the "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management," the principle of coordinated development of economic construction and production safety, to protect the safety and health of the masses of workers to create a "love life, concerned about security," the cultural atmosphere, to encourage enterprises to economic health and orderly development, to ensure that the target of three years, two changed smoothly and make new contributions.