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faw do the vanguard of the auto industry energy conservation
source:china faw author: date:6,10,2012

to further improve the energy-saving enterprises, and promote the harmonious development of enterprises, june 15, the company's 2009 energy-saving summary recognition of cum energy conservation week to start the meeting held in the group headquarters building, block a,. group vice president qin huanming attended the meeting and request.
start the meeting, the assistant general manager of the group company manufacturing minister li changjiang convey the spirit of national financial new energy and energy savings work conference of the ministry of finance; manufacturing technology department of energy room to convey the 14 national ministries jointly issued "notification of the national energy conservation week events in 2009 "the spirit of the meeting, and make energy-saving work of the group in 2008 concluded the 2009 work plan report. 2009 faw energy focus: first, to accelerate the pace of the old and the elimination of high energy-consuming equipment; ongoing energy conservation target responsibility management; monthly indicators of decomposition, the implementation of the workshop, team and key energy-consuming equipment, and ensure the completion of annual energy saving target; corporation ten key energy unit will continue to implement key management; continue to do the work of energy conservation technology, energy-saving technological transformation, and energy-saving test, completed 89 energy-saving projects, to achieve annual 8000 tons of standard coal energy-saving, cost savings of 12 million yuan, the completion of key energy-consuming equipment to test the 153 taiwan; do the preparation of energy management standards to ensure that the corporation standards for the preparation work before the end of the year to fully complete. at the meeting, the company contributed to the 2008 energy conservation units, individuals and outstanding projects to be awarded.
qin huanming requirements, first, to the energy conservation week as an opportunity to increase publicity and education on energy conservation, and enhance the sense of urgency, responsibility and mission of the staff of energy saving work; second, to clear objectives, pay close attention to implement, and ensure the energy saving achieved remarkable results; third, the intensity of supervision and management of energy saving, strict target responsibility system, to ensure energy saving and emission reduction goals.