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guangzhou to become the largest number of cities of the global lpg buses
source:nanjing environmental protection agency author: date:6,10,2012

learned from the guangzhou municipal government, guangzhou city, more than 9% of buses and taxis lpg energy renovation of urban public transport and comprehensively promote clean energy project of liquefied petroleum gas (lpg) has entered the final stage; guangzhou has become the world'sthe number of lpg buses in most cities.

as of november this year, guangzhou lpg buses car has reached 6400, accounting for 80% of the total number of the city's bus; in addition to to expire scrapped and a few taxi, guangzhou lpg transformation of the basic completion of the 16,000 taxi. guangzhou various types of bus, taxi basically have supporting lpg engines and equipment, several major models have achieved a lpg vehicle manufacturing factory.

in the process of promoting lpg project, through market-oriented operation, guangzhou transport enterprises invested a total of more than 20 billion yuan for vehicle replacement, transformation, and technology research development, the government accumulated direct allocation of about 1.35 billion to subsidize bus rental and gas supply companies.

it is understood that more than 50 countries around the world using lpg vehicles, a total of more than 10 million. foreign lpg vehicles more than 90% of taxis and cars used in buses account for less than 10%, and a considerable part of a dual-fuel. 6400 lpg single-fuel buses in guangzhou, the scale of its use in the country and around the world are on top, and solve the problem of lpg clean energy technology used in high-power engine. guangzhou into lpg and gas station 26 years to reach 28, the formation of japanese motorcycles were 10,000 buses, 11,000 motorcycles were a taxi to provide refilling services.