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nanjing motor vehicle on a license full implementation of the "national iii standard
source:nanjing environmental protection agency author: date:6,10,2012

phased control of the vehicle exhaust pollution standards in accordance with national requirements (gb18352.3-2005, gb17691-2005) and nanjing "11th five-year environmental protection plan, the city motor vehicle license from 2008, the full implementation of state iii "standards. implementation of the "national iii standard, will give the relevant administrative departments to put forward new demands, and will also bring vehicle production and sales enterprises, automotive fuel enterprises, as well as car, vehicle users a certain impact, make sure well in advance brand management, fuel supply, stock sales and other relevant aspects of the preparatory work.
1, the implementation of the specific time and models of the "national iii standard
more than 3.5 tons of heavy car brand started on january 1, 2008; less than 3.5 tons of light car brand started on july 1, 2008. all vehicles on the card will be subject to audit of the national environmental protection standard models directory, to achieve the standards of the country ⅲ be on the card.
2, "iii" standard new car with all obd device
obd is a vehicle diagnostic system referred to as "iii" following vehicle with this device, prior to 2008 has been on the licensing of "iii" vehicle is not with the obd, but in 2008, all national iii "new car with the obd. obd are mainly two types of functions, one of the vehicle emissions exceeded the record and alarm; vehicle emissions exceeded will automatically limit the speed and the furthest distance traveled. such as vehicle exhaust excessive speed is only 40 km / h or furthest distance traveled 100 km.
3, the car sales business must control the inventory of vehicles
in accordance with the provisions of the national standards, the car manufacturers of heavy-duty vehicles and light trucks from january 1, 2007 and july 1 implementation of the "state iii" production standards on the card was postponed for one year the implementation of the "national iii standard marketing enterprises can not be part of the pre-production up to less than the "national iii" standard vehicle purchase; also some sales enterprises to purchase the stock of large, must be processed before the implementation of national iii ", otherwise it will not be on the card, the car sales business must control their own inventory number of vehicles and nanjing control requirements, and to avoid unnecessary losses.
4, the denial of the field is not up to the vehicle into nanjing
according to the notice requirements of the municipal government on the control of air pollution to improve air quality, second-hand car in the field to membership into the nanjing by the corresponding new car standards, therefore, used car brand is the implementation of the "national iii standard. shanghai and other places each year out of tens of thousands of high-emission, high-polluting vehicles, the vehicles of non-compliance will be limited to transfer membership to enter the city. used car operators or the public can not be free from outside the zone car or buy a used car back to the city on the card, be sure to master the standards and requirements, otherwise it is difficult on the card, will cause greater economic losses. public car before landing the motor vehicle environmental network ", inquiries or contact city environmental protection bureau.
5, be sure ahead of a clean fuel supply
"national iii motor vehicle required supporting" national iii fuel, otherwise it will cause the failure of national iii motor vehicle, or even damage. the city's supply of gasoline, it can barely be used as a transition, but the diesel sulfur content is too high, 40-100 times that of beijing and foreign diesel, shanghai, shenzhen, guangzhou and other cities several times. fuel of high sulfur motor vehicle black smoke and high fuel sulfur content of the exhaust pollution of the culprit is a major obstacle to the implementation of the "national iii" standard. implementation of national iii standards, the urgent need to address the problem of the supply of low sulfur fuel. states iii "new car still use the oil, not only can not play the role of the states iii", "national iii vehicles damage faster with obd vehicles will be long-term alarm, and serious interference of some of the vehicles. each sector, the main oil supply sector, be sure to plan ahead and do the relevant preparatory work.
6 what is the "national", "ii", "iii" standard?
talking about here is the "national", "national ii, iii" standard refers to the motor vehicle emission standards, based on the weight of the motor vehicle to travel one kilometer emissions of pollutants (g / km ") be distinguished. national iii standard is the third phase of the motor vehicle emission control standards. commonly known as "european" euro ii "euro iii" standard refers to the first stage of the european motor vehicle, the second stage, the third phase of emission standards. time implementation in europe in 1992, 1996, 2000. europe began to implement the "euro v" standards. country the i, the country ii, national iii motor vehicle emission standards in china, light cars and europe, euro ii, euro iii, exactly the same heavy-duty gasoline vehicles only country i, the national ii, national iii standards, there is no european standard. between china and europe and the united states, japan and other countries in the implementation of vehicle emission standard time difference of 8 years or so.
7, the domestic implementation of national iii standard
in accordance with national requirements on the implementation of national iii standards, the country's third stage of control standards in 2005, started in 2007. under different models, manufacturers and july 1, 2007 january 1, 2007 (heavy vehicles) the implementation of the (light vehicles); on the card from january 1, 2008 (heavy vehicles) and 2008 the implementation of the 1st (light vehicles).
approved by the state council, beijing, guangzhou city, in december 2005 and september 2006 respectively, from the full implementation of national iii standard; shanghai, shenzhen and hangzhou, to develop local policy, in taxis, buses the key operating industry and the window industry to advance the implementation of national iii standard. it is reported that beijing will start in 2008, "national iv standard.
8, the city implemented the country the i, state ii standards
from march 2000, the city began to run the country i standard, 2004 national ii standard, the implementation of the time three months earlier than the state requirements, the government attaches importance to the coordination among the departments, the implementation of the i country, country ii standard specification, to ensure strict the relevant state departments certainly play an important role in order to improve ambient air quality in nanjing.