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the technology center, which is composed of product design and research department, testing department and technical service department, is responsible for product design, testing and technical service; and the personnel are in a ladder-like

configuration according to the old, the middle-aged and the young, and comprise 37 technicians (containing 18 intermediate and senior engineers, 12 intermediate engineers, and 7 assistant engineers), 6 administrators, 4 service personnel, 32 production workers and assistant workers, and 79 persons totally. its function, task and resource are as follows: in terms of design technology, it applies professional cad software and engineering analysis software to analysis and design of properties and structures of engines through independent design and cooperative development; and in terms of testing and detection, it can carry out tests on the performance, emission and service life of engines as well as tests on vehicle power performance, economy, vehicle emission, low-temperature cold start and air-conditioning system, and has reached the level of provincial authoritative testing organization.

main task:

a.carry out the design and research work of engine assemblies, and develop new products and variable products with competitive power according to the demands of the market;

b.provide technical support for the manufacturing department, and handle the technical problems in terms of the products during the production;

c.carry out various performance tests and service life tests during the development of new products of engines;

d.carry out targeted improvement tests and special tests to improve product quality;

e.undertake the commitment of the society, and carry out the detection of the emission according to the national regulations;

f.carry out performance and service life tests of electrical parts of engines;

carry out the tests on vehicle power performance, fuel economy, cold start at low temperature, defrosting and demisting, air-conditioning system, and vehicle emission at normal temperature and low temperature.


the test equipment mainly comprises the following equipment:

1.eddy current dynamometer system (160kw, homemade, 2 pieces)

2.hydraulic dynamometer system (12kw, homemade, 2 pieces) electrical dynamometer system (250kw, imported, 1 piece)

4.air intake air-conditioning system (imported, 1 piece)

5.eddy current dynamometer system (250kw, imported, 2 pieces)

6.exhaust gas analyzer (imported, 1 piece)

7.4wd chassis dynamometer (imported, 1 piece)

8.high and low temperature environmental chamber (imported, 1 piece)

9.flow test bench (homemade, 1 piece)

electrical test equipment (homemade, 1 piece)