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factories, director-general: male, a bachelor's degree, financial professionals, height 178cm, looks temperament is superb and securities work experience preferred.
factories operated by the clerk: female requirements, northeast normal university bachelor degree chinese professional writing skills, should, previous graduates can be more than 168cm height, looks, temperament is superb.
receptionist: female, 30 years of age, secondary education, tourism or aviation academy graduation, excellent image quality, 168com understand the career reception etiquette, highly related to etiquette training is preferred.
monitoring center supervision: the main tasks: 1, full custody of the monitoring center and video; problems and timely reporting;, maintenance monitoring center equipment, facilities, routine maintenance and backup. requirements: male ,18-40 years of age, high school education, veterans, understand that the computer is preferred
persons with disabilities: male, engaged in the treasury to transfer pieces of work, age 24, high school, three hearing the following priority.
machine craft: mainly engaged in the engine block, cylinder head manufacturing process. male, over 28 years of age, bachelor degree or above, machinery, internal combustion engines, industrial engineering technology professional, more than five years relevant work experience.
materials accounting: male or female, over 30 years of age, married with children, college or higher education level, financial and accounting professionals, materials accounting for more than one year relevant work experience, work carefully, afraid of hardship.
marketing operations: overseas factory service and sales coordination: (1) is responsible for the mill to carry out pre-service and coordination of the service work (2) manufacturers are in product promotion and the arrival of the inspection, examination, maturity payment reminder job. requirements: male, over 30 years of age, secondary or higher level of auto-related professional, proficient in engine theory, office software, able to adapt to long-term mission subsistence, more than 3 years relevant work experience, will repair the engine is preferred.
the warehouse keeper: the content of posts: 1, a variety of accessories into the library to check, confirm the correct storage. 2, product storage, account ledger; communication, planner accessories inventory, quality and quantity; to coordinate the transition piece workers will go to the parts to the production line. requirements: female, 26 years of age or more, the skilled use of office software, communication skills, warehouse management experience in the automotive industry or are familiar with car parts and long-term stability priority workers.
technician (match): mainly in the engine and chassis vehicle matching technical support. requirements: male, formal entrance examination full-time undergraduate degree or above, the internal combustion engine or mechanics.

note: candidates should send their cv input mailbox: [email protected]; or call tel :0431 -89,810,066 15,104,400,148.